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Live in Charlestown (featuring Jonny Boston & TJ Johnson

Available (€15,00 incl. p&p)

  1. Girls Of My Dreams

  2. Don’t Let Your Love Go Wrong

  3. Love Song of The Nile

  4. Yearning Just For You

  5. Creole Song

  6. Roll ‘em Pete”

  7. Mama Inez

  8. Mack The Knife

  9. Runnin’ Wild

  10. Sweet Lorraine

  11. While We Danced At The Mardi Gras

  12. All The Girls Go Grazy 

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Let the great big world keep turning

Available (€15,00 incl. p&p)

  1. Swanee River

  2. Down Home Rag

  3. Going Home

  4. The Minstral Man

  5. Canal Street Blues

  6. Clarinet Marmelade

  7. New Orleans

  8. Let The Great Big World Keep Turning

  9. Willie The Weeper

  10. Abide with me

  11. Mardi Gras In New Orleans

  12. You Took Advantage Of Me

  13. Too Busy

  14. Till We Meet Again

Let the great big world keep turning.jpg

I'm Walking

Sold out

  1. That Teasin’ Rag

  2. Darktown Strutters Bal

  3. Peg Of My Heart

  4. I’m On My Way From You

  5. Ciribiribin

  6. Ghost Soldier

  7. When You Wore A Tulip

  8. Lactitia

  9. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

  10. The Ragtime Dance

  11. Martha

  12. Tishomingo Blues

  13. Dancing Cheek To Cheek

  14. Begin The Begin

  15. Precious Lord

  16. I’m Walking

I'm Walking.jpg

The Hot Revival Stompers Live

Sold out

  1. Sweet Fields

  2. You Rascal You

  3. Just A Closer Walk With Thee

  4. Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen

  5. Everywhere You Go The Sunshine Follows You

  6. Ghost Soldier

  7. Tell Me Your Dreams

  8. (on the road) Home Sweet Home

  9. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

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