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The energetic Hot Revival Stompers have been guaranteeing a delightful party for years. Since 2007, these six gentlemen have surprised their audiences with a varied musical program inspired by the rich traditions of New Orleans. After a few years of absence, they finally made their comeback in 2022 by popular demand.

From intimate Dutch stages to bustling international events, the Hot Revival Stompers have left their mark everywhere in Europe. Their passion for old jazz is evident in every note they play. However, they also embrace other musical styles, such as Gospel, Country, Blues, often with a touch of Caribbean influences.

A performance by the Stompers is hot and a 'trip down memory lane'. And as if that weren't enough, they occasionally treat their fans to a 'guilty pleasure' or a surprising intermission act.

Let yourself be swept away by the swinging music of the Hot Revival Stompers. With plenty of enthusiasm, musical surprises, and fun, their performance is an unforgettable experience.

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