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After a 14-year break, they are back!

Until 2007 this band played many stages locally, nationally and internationally. They were known for their solid bounce, their varied repertoire and their own sound that can best be described as a mix of New Orleans Revival and Trad Jazz. Their awesome rhythm section rock solid and swinging like a mother. Their front line complimenting each other perfectly during collectives and individually the players’ solos are unmissable.

In the 14 years of radio silence, the band remained in contact. They also played together during a reunion concert or in different line-ups. At last, they have made the decision to get back together. The line-up has changed minimally from years ago, but is without a shadow of a doubt unsurpassed.


Jaap de Wit senior completes the rhythm section on double bass and plays next to Jaap de Wit (drums) and Hans Mantel (banjo). Barry Woestenburg (trombone) completes the frontline next to Jeroen Knukkel (clarinet) and Edwin Jans (cornet). The result is as you know it,  and has every ingredient to be a good old ‘Stompers’ night!

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